Before getting into photography, Didier Mayhew worked as a psychologist with refugees, prisoners and victims of trauma. He later studied social anthropology, and conducted research in the Himalayan regions.


In 2009, he settled in Nepal  and felt increasingly concerned about the situation of landless families living on the fringes of society. His involvement with them led him to dedicate himself to documentary photography.


Since 2016, Didier commutes between Nepal and Southeast Asia. His photographic work moves away from all constraints and explores, in the worlds he traverses, his own questions and doubts.



PhotoBangkok Festival 2018



Bellême Photography Festival 2017

'The landless of Nepal'


Kathmandu Gallery - Bangkok 2017

'In nowhere land' (Solo exhibition)


Cholet Photography Festival 2016

'L'attente des enfants nomades'


Gallery 72 - Le Mans 2016

'L'attente des enfants nomades'


Salon de la Photographie - Paris 2015

'L'attente des enfants nomades'


Dax Photography Festival 2015

'D'ici et de nulle part'

(Outdoor exhibition)


APPPF 2015

Abbaye de l'Épau - Le Mans

(Selected group exhibitions)


Selected group exhibitions - 2014-2015

New York City - Beijing

Bangkok - Chiang Mai




Capture Magazine - Australia

July-August 2017


Bangkok Post

'Seeing the Invisible' - March 2017


Profession Photographe - Sept. 2015

'L'attente des enfants nomades'


Chasseur d'Images

'D'ici et de nulle part' - May 2015


International Photography Book 2015

'Last moments' - 'Nomadic mothers'


Profession Photographe

Hors-séries 2013 & 2014



'Calm and chaos'. Tribute to the

victims of the Nepal 2015 earthquake




APPPF Photography of the Year 2015

Winner - Overall category and Reportage category


IPA - Lucie Awards 2014

People International Photographer of the Year